Michele Peel

    Please email: petmomma14@gmail.com

    for reservations and / or a free meet-n-greet

    or phone 901-265-2628

    I will be happy to answer all your questions!


    Vaccination records required:

    Please email records before your stay




    We accept small breed dogs and puppies

    up to twenty-five pounds


    Highly recommended pet boarding

    service with years of experience, stellar reviews, and

    many repeat guests


    Pups should be on flea and tick prevention

    Puppies when they are old enough

    (no flea powder)


    I send daily photo updates via email


    Please feel free to write a review







    If you need to reach me quickly, please phone or text:


    I check email on the computer every few hours.

    I do not get email on my phone.

    Sam (in my lap), Gabe (in front), and two of my shih tzu guest pups

    Our Pet Boarding Service

    I am a highly responsible, experienced pet momma, who will take excellent care of your pups! I am extremely careful and vigilant. I make certain your pets are safe, secure, and happy during their stay. My husband and I are dog lovers, who really enjoy taking care of your pets! Our house and yard are completely puppy-proof. Our home and yard are entirely organic. We do not use any toxic chemicals on our property (e.g., synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides...), so your pets are completely safe. The house and yard are kept clean at all times. I am very sensitive to your pup's needs! Your pups get lots of love, attention, and affection!


    I also have had considerable experience caring for elderly pups and pups with disabilities.

    Schedule a free meet-n-greet and come out and see us. Just send an email to petmomma14@gmail.com and let me know when you would like to come .


    Booking: It is always a good idea to book early! I prefer that you book at least one day prior to your pup(s)' stay (before 8 pm). I will accept same day booking only on an emergency basis (if possible).


    Boarding Fees: (For a 24 hour period)


    $34 per night for pups 1 year and older

    $36 per night for puppies 6 weeks to one year


    Daycare Fee: The boarding fee covers 24 hours only, so there might be a daycare fee, if your dog's stay exceeds 24 hours. For example, if you drop your dog off at 8 am on a Friday and pick up at 8 am on a Monday, you will only pay the boarding fee (no daycare fee). If you drop off your dog at 8 am Friday and pick up your dog at 8 pm Monday night, the daycare fee will be $25. The daycare fee is prorated, $3 an hour up to $25. $25 is the maximum daycare fee (8+hours).


    Holiday rates guest pups:

    $36 per night for pups 1 year and older

    $38 per night for pups 6 weeks to 1 year


    You may cancel until the day before your reservation with no charge. No shows are charged $34.

    Drop off and pick up times:

    Pups can be dropped off as early as 6:00 am and picked up as late as 8:00 pm. I am flexible about pick up times. I realize it's difficult to predict heavy traffic or delayed flights! Please let me know drop off and pick up times when you book, if possible. Please text 15 minutes from the house, thank you!


    Daily Photo Updates:

    I send daily photo updates via email. Please let me know the email address(es) you would like your photo update sent to. Please let me know if you do not receive an update!



    Please bring enough food for your pup(s)' stay.

    No raw meat food.

    If your pups are reluctant to eat plain dry dog food, it might be a good idea to send their favorite dog treats, and I can mix a few treats in their food to encourage them to eat. Please do not send your pup to board with a "new" food, because this could upset his stomach.


    Flea Prevention: All pups must be on flee prevention. Puppies when they are old enough. No flea powder!



    I reward behavior we want to encourage with affection and healthy treats. I use positive reinforcement only.


    Dog walking schedule:  

    Please let me know how often (or if) you would like your pup walked. Please bring a harness for your pup, if you want them walked around the neighborhood. I say "if" you want me to walk them, because some pet parents prefer that their small dogs get their exercise playing in our large fenced backyard. Some pups are quite small, or elderly, and playing in the fenced yard provides plenty of exercise. Just please let me know your preference! I do have a few extra harnesses here!


    My Home:

    It's just the two of us, my husband Christopher and myself. I am almost always home with the pups. I will never be away from the house longer than two hours to grocery shop and run errands. Otherwise, I am with your pup 24/7. You can rest assured your pup will be entirely safe, secure, and happy in my short absence! I have an open floor plan with indoor fencing. I separate guest pups for the short time I am out. I do not crate pups unless the pet parent prefers it.

    My Sam (brindle five-year-old shih-poo) and Gabe (two-year-old white and tan shih tzu

    What You Need to Bring:

    Please bring a copy of your pet's vaccination records, or you can email vaccination records to petmomma14@gmail.com. (Your vet will not email vaccination records directly to me, because of privacy laws. Your vet's office would need to email records to you and then you could forward them to me.)


    Please bring enough food for your pet's stay. You do not need to bring food bowls or toys. I have plenty of food bowls and toys for all the pups. If you do choose to bring toys, I cannot be held responsible if a pup chews a hole in it. I recommend Kong toys.


    Doggie beds are optional. I have many doggie beds and blankets.

    Kiwi, beautiful blue and gold macaw, and Alex, chatty Congo African Grey

    Experienced pet bird caretaker since 1999

    I also care for pet birds!

    I have extensive experience caring for parrots, both large and small. I have taken care of macaws, cockatoos, African grey parrots, cockatiels, love birds, etc., in my home. I have one extra cage for medium-sized parrots (e.g., African Grey, Amazon parrot, Conures, etc.). Otherwise, you will need to bring your own cage. I will need to see your bird's vet records.

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    My Sam:

    Sam is sweet and loving with guest dogs! Sam loves to sunbathe and sleep on the couch. He also loves walks!

    My Gabe:

    Gabe is very sweet and welcoming with guest pups! He loves to teach guest pups to play chase, his favorite game.



    I require guest pups' vaccination records.

    I am always with pups when they are outside in our fenced


    Our backyard is fenced (so the tiniest dog cannot escape). I put pups in the indoor fenced puppy area during meet-n-greets, pick ups, and drop offs (when ever the front door will be opened). Back gates are always padlocked.

    I always separate pups when feeding them.

    Pups are securely leashed on walks - I prefer that pet parents bring harnesses (I do have a few extra harnesses!).

    Fresh water is provided 24 / 7. A large bowl of fresh water is provided when we are playing outside.

    My house is puppy-proofed.

    Appropriate toys are chosen for each dog breed (and each pup).

    I only use positive reinforcement (treats and praise) to encourage desirable behavior.

    Floors are regularly vacuumed and mopped with a pet friendly cleaner.

    The yard is poop scooped twice a day.





  • Pet Parent Reviews



    Deb M.

    Lilly has spent yet another wonderful time with Michele, Chris, Gabe and Sam. Michele & Chris take great care of Lilly and she is always very happy here. We love receiving multiple pics with our daily emails. It is comforting to know we have a place where Lilly feels at home while we travel. We have used them for almost 10 years and can't say enough positive comments about Michele and Chris. 


    Kim W.

    I just want to Thank you for the wonderful care you gave Jax. You were truly an answer to prayer🏻. You have a gift with the care of puppies . What a blessing you are . Thankyou so very much. ️


    Faye T.

    I just recently left my 4month terrier with Michele and Christopher. They were a dream come true! Michele kept me up to date daily, sent me pictures of my Sylvie having a great time. She help me with the house training and walking on a leash. She made me worry free on how my baby was doing!! Her and her husband are amazing people and I will use them again!! I am one satisfied customer,


    Melisa S.

    Impressive, Exceptional, World Class and Great is the experience you will receive with Michele and family. My girls have been part of Michele’s extended family for over 3 years. They will care for your pets as if they were their pets.

    Thank you again for caring for Dixie and Dakota. We will be back soon.


    Julie C.

    Michele does a fantastic job! She took great care of Jack and Rocky, our two dogs. Jack and Rocky enjoyed the playtime with Michele's dogs. Michele sent many updates and pictures during the stay. I highly recommend Michele!


    Marilyn S.

    This was Bella's second time to stay with Michele Peel, and I couldn't be happier with her care of our pet. Bella is over 17 years old now, so her needs as a "senior" dog are different than when she was younger - in some ways, more "high maintenance" as she is experiencing some canine dementia. Michele put me totally at ease about caring for Bella's needs and made sure she was able to go out as often as necessary. Most of all, she loves the dogs she cares for, and takes care of them as if they were her own. The daily updates were above and beyond the call of duty. Michele is amazing!


    Diane C.

    This is the first time using a sitter for my pet, so I was skeptical in doing so. Michele was great she kept us informed daily of Buddy's activities, how he was eating, sleeping, and playing. She also sent numerous pictures every afternoon, which made us feel more at ease leaving him. He was happy to be there, and we were happy Michele took really great care of him. I would definitely leave Buddy with her again. Thank you Michele


    Lisa N.

    My husband and I were driving across the country and our pup BINGO was especially anxious in his new surroundings as we complete our move. We are SO lucky to have found Michele and her husband Christopher and drove 30 minutes out of our way because I had such a good feeling about them. We got so lucky because they are just as amazing as all the reviews say they are.

    We were able to enjoy a trip to Graceland and a Grizzlies game while BINGO hung out with their pups overnight. Michele and Christopher gave our dog extra TLC as he was nervous and ended up feeling right at home. Thank you again!


    Brandon H.

    This is the second time our dog, Campbell, has stayed with Michele. Michele took care of Campbell for 7 days (Saturday to Saturday). It was a great experience and we are certain Campbell had a great stress-free vacation through the updates and pictures Michele emailed to us. Campbell's behaviors were exactly the same when we picked her up (playing, eating, etc.), unlike how some dogs may seemed stressed after being boarded. We would highly recommend Michele to take care of your dog!


    Thomas P.

    I see why Michele has so many repeat clients. Ruby had a blast and Michele sent photos each night featuring Ruby enjoying her stay. When I need another sitter, Michele will be my first choice. I would recommend her to anyone.


    Dana K.

    Michelle does a great job taking care of our pup and is very flexible with drop off and pick up times. My dog is older and this is a great environment for her. I never have to worry about my dog when she is at Michelle's. Great sitter!


    Clint V.

    Allie is cautious around new dogs; therefore, Michele does a great job of making sure she mingles and makes new friends. I get updates and pics every day, showing me the love she gets. I highly recommend Michele and will continue to use her service going forward. - Thank you for the care and love you provide.


    Tami M.

    Michele is such an awesome caregiver. She gives lots of love and attention to our pup and provides daily updates for us so there is no wondering how our doggie is doing. Our little one just loves visiting Michele and can't wait until her next stay!


    Cora M.

    Angus, our 8 yr old Westie, drove with us to Memphis and stayed at Puppy Paradise for the weekend. I think he had a lovely weekend, as we did. He was a rescue puppy, 7 mo old when he came to live with us. At first he had a terrible "separation anxiety." Angus certainly enjoyed spending a weekend with Michelle, Chris, Sam and Gabe - new playmates, new friends and no cage. I think he had a very good time there, and will be returning to visit his new friends the next time we need to be in Memphis.


    Morgan U.

    Michele was an amazing host to my 11 month old Boston terrier! She sent photos & emails daily! Dottie got lots of cuddles & warm places to curl up & sleep. Dottie had lots of outdoor time to play! When we picked Dottie up she was vibrant & happy! She's acted just the same as she did before we left her, unlike the trauma of staying locked in a cage at the vet. We will always use Michele's services!


    Amy B.

    Michele and Chris are the absolute best! We never worry about our fur babies when they stay at their house. They are loved and have lots of play time. Highly recommend Michele! We love the daily updates and pictures.


    Tami M.

    Michele took great care of our little shih tzu, Lady. Michele sent daily status updates and the cutest pictures. Lady had such a great time and she's already booked her next vacay with Michele. I highly recommend Michele because she will take great care of your pups and treat them as if they are her own.


    Mark M.

    Michele does an amazing job. She took pictures each day and it was obvious that our dogs were very content. We would recommend her to anyone in need of a place to board.


    Gregg E:

    It's clear that after several stays with Michele, our little pup Lambchop clearly greets the dogs and humans at Puppy Paradise as her pack #3 (after home and grandparents!). she wags her tail like mad and hardly notices that we are leaving!! I feel really good knowing that Lambchop will be in good hands, and that Michele and her husband really care about the dogs.


    Hope D.

    Great experience for my puppies


    Paris & Deb M.

    Michele is always great and Lilly LOVES going there !!


    Cindy G.

    Always fabulous our Baby staying with Michele. She gives the best care for all of her pups. I know I do not need to worry when Baby is in her care. Michele keeps us informed every day. She is thee best sitter and we have had 3 of them before Michele.


    Cindy G.

    Always the best service for our little dog Baby. She loves her doggie friends and Michele is the most thoughtful and caring sitter we have had. Highly recommended.


    Aimee H.

    Excellent experience. I know Theo was very well taken care of and enjoyed his vacay! Michele sent daily email updates with pictures.


    Holly M.

    Michele is the best! Our dog loves her and we know he is well taken care of while he is with her. We love how she updates us with an email and pictures daily. Thank you Michele!


    Drew N.

    Michels yard is perfect for dogs. She really went beyond the call of duty, providing details and pictures of my boy. I believe he was in the best hand at her place.


    Jan S.

    Our pets love it at Michele's. She is excellent.


    Gregg E.

    It is always hard to leave your dog for a trip, but Michele makes it easy because my dog knows her pups now and wags her tail and says hi like they are part of the family!


    Robin A.

    Easy to find, very friendly, Trixie didn't mind us leaving which made our day trip more enjoyable and guilt free. Thanks Michele!


    Paris & Deb M.

    Lilly loves to be at Michele's. Michele has two dogs that Lilly loves to play and sleep with..and Lilly is quite spoiled there. We received plenty of updates and pics. We highly recommend Michele.


    Paris & Deb M.

    Lilly loves to stay at Michele's. She is well taken care of. We receive lots of pics and updates. We have used Michele many times and is our go-to host when we need a sitter near Memphis.


    Brandon H.

    We love using Michele! She responds quickly, takes GREAT care of Campbell, and always keeps us in the loop. Campbell is always excited when she gets there and we stay up to date by the daily emails Michele sends us when we are gone. So nice to know that Michele is caring for our precious pup just like we would! Will definitely use Michele for all our future board needs!! :)


    Kathy A.

    Daisy had a wonderful time at Michele's home. She has the perfect set up to care for dogs and we felt so comfortable leaving our baby for the very first time. Michele sent lots of pictures while we were away and communicated with us throughout our time away from Daisy. If we ever have to go out of town again and are unable to take our Daisy with us we will absolutely leave her with Michele again - she is the perfect dog sitter!!!!


    Kaylin S.

    She and her husband were so very friendly and constantly assured me of how much fun my puppy had! I would definitely bring her to them again! They took great care of her.


    Mary Jane N.

    Michele is so awesome. I have a very needy dog and he LOVES going to his sitter. They are so sweet and spoil him rotten! Best choice ever.


    Heather S.

    Michele was incredible. At the meet & great, my tiny dog went after hers but she was not discouraged... she had me bring him back, drop him off, and he was getting along with her dogs in no time!
    She gave email updates throughout the day and sent pictures as well.
    I will be using Michele again soon when we go on vacation for a whole week. I wouldn't trust my fur baby to anyone else!


    Sherri M.

    My sweet Gracie was in great hands while we were on vacation. Michelle and her husband were so thoughtful and caring and provided daily updates. I will definitely book with them again and pass along referrals to family and friends!


    Latolya E.

    Amazing, Amazing! Michele is great! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to ensure their pet will be in a nurturing fun-loving environment. She was great with my pup Khadi!


    Gregg E.

    So wonderful to have a place where you can have peace of mind about your pet when you are traveling. That's what Michele represents: peace of mind.


    Linda T.

    Amber is always happy to see Michele. Always pleased with the care she receives! Thanks Michele!!!


    Kristina P.

    Michele is amazing!!! She has everything so organized and professional. My pup is a big, playful boy and they were fantastic with him!! I just love having an extended family feel with them so I know my pup is in excellent hands while I'm away. The updates and pictures top it off. Thank you so much for being so wonderful and caring to my baby boy.
    Extra bonus: The drop off and pick ups are quick and so well organized.


    Mary W.

    Sebie enjoyed his time!


    Mary W.

    I know Sebie is well taken care of when he stays at Michele!


    Mary W.

    I really enjoy the updates and pictures!


    Mary W.

    Love seeing the pictures of Sebie's day!


    Mary W.

    Michele provided great updates & pictures!


    Mary W.

    Sebie had a wonderful time!


    Mary W.

    Sebie enjoyed his time!


    Mary W.

    Sebie loves spending time with Michele & Chris!


    Mary W.

    Sebie had a great time!


    Mary W.

    Great time!


    Mary W.

    Love sending Sebie to Michele's. Great pictures & updates!


    Mary W.

    Sebie loves spending his time with Michele & Chris. I know he will be well taken care of!


    Robert F.

    Daisy had a great time with Michele. As a matter of fact she was exhausted by all of the fun. Once we got home and had our normal welcome home excited puppy thing, she just layed down and went to sleep. She stayed asleep off and on until bed time, then went right to bed with no problems. Michele is great with the communication and pictures thoughout the stay. Michele seems to take great pride in making your puppy at home with her and her family. As a matter of fact Daisy is headed back over this weekend for another stay. Thank you Michele.


    Paris & Deb M.

    Lilly loves to stay with Michelle. Lilly is well cared for and very happy when she stays with Michelle. We got updates with pics daily. Great place for your pup to stay!!


    Gregg E.

    I was so happy with my dog, Lambchop's first experience at Michele's place! Unlike the last time I had to board her, she ate well, slept well, and returned home happy and healthy! I loved getting the daily email messages with photos of Lambchop with the other dogs. I trust Michele, as her dogs are very friendly, and she described my loving dog's behavior to a T...we will be loyal customers, I'm sure.


    Melisa S.

    "Home away from Home" is exactly how Dixie and Dakota feel when they visit Michele and family. I truly know my girls are loved and cared for like they are at home. As a customer for over two years, I wouldn't think about my girls staying anywhere else but with Michele (and team).


    Melisa S.

    Exceptional - is the care and attention that Dixie and Dakota receives while visiting Michele and family. Excited from the minute they jumped out of the car and ran to Mr. Chris, I knew the girls would have a good time.

    We will definitely will be back very soon.


    Summer M.

    I can't tell you how happy I am with the service that Michele provided. She is very kind and trustworthy. Her yard is totally fenced very safe for dogs. During Bailey's stay,Michele sent me the update emails with photos twice a day to let me know how Bailey was doing there. I had a worry free vacation because of her! I will definitely take my Bailey girl to Michele's next time when I am taking a vacation.


    Mary W.

    Michele & Chris take great care with my pup. I love that Michele sends updates & pictures.


    Holly M.

    It is the best place to leave your pet while you are out of town! Michele keeps you updated by email with pictures and comments of your pet! We will definitely use her again! Thank you!


    Melisa S.

    Michele and family took excellent care of Dixie and Dakota while I was out of town. I know they are treated as part of their family. They give such personalized attention to each pet and truly get to know the animal. I am so blessed to have The Peels care for my girls!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!


    Melisa S.

    Another wonderful experience. Dixie and Dakota had a great time during their vacation with Michele and family. When we pulled into the driveway, the girls immediately were excited and ready to get out of the car. The daily communication and pictures are nice to read and look at while I'm away from my puppies. Going out of town knowing that my dogs are cared for like they were at home gives me one less things to stress about. :)


    Brianna H.

    This was such a great vacation for Brady! He loved playing with the other pups and being able to run around! Michele was absolutely wonderful and gave such detailed updates about him, it felt like I was right there and didn't leave me worried whatsoever! We will definitely book her next time we are out of town! Thank you again Michele!


    Nannette B.

    Lovely. Our pug, Lola, loved her vacation with Michele.


    Rick B.

    So happy to have the good fortune of finding Michele...never imaged that the first time apart from my dog would become such wonderful experience! My Tiger had a blast playing with Sam and Gabe...and got plenty of exercise. The daily updates she sent really helped my "separation anxiety"...the pics showed what a good time Tiger was having and always brightened my day. There's no way I would consider taking him anywhere else from now on...a huge thumbs up!


    Linda T.

    Happy Dog ! Happy Owner !!
    Wonderful !


    Melisa S.

    Since it is the Thanksgiving season, we are very "Thankful" for Michele and family. Knowing that our girls are treated as part of their family allows us to go out of town without a worry.

    Exceptional rating!!


    Jan S.

    Michele and her husband were great hosts. Our pups were cared for extremely well.


    Diosan P.

    This was Buttons' first vacation with Michele and she had a blast. Our Whisper as always had the grandest time. Michele and Chris always take great care of our pups making our trips without them no worries. Thanks again!


    Melisa S.

    5 STARS!!!
    Exceptional and Professional service.
    A place where your pets are cared for like family. My girls will be visiting again soon!.

    I am very "Thankful" for Michele and her family!


    Pam C.

    The pups had a wonderful vacation with Michele.

    They always are excited when we pull up to her house- Tali even gets excited when we turn on to her street.

    I like the fact that Michele is always there with them.

    We are so happy to have found Michele and have been with her for over a year.


    Andrea H.

    Michele and her husband exceeded all our expectations. I am so thankful that we found them, as I was able to truly enjoy our vacation, knowing that my fur baby was completely happy and cared for. I will not hesitate to travel again, as long as Banjo can stay with his newly found friends!


    Andrea H.

    The only anxiety I have about traveling is the stress of leaving my very spoiled/loved, dog, Banjo. He is like another member of the family. I feel so grateful to have found Michele and her husband. Banjo had his own little vacation, and the vibes were completely comforting. I received daily FB updates, as I was on a cruise, with very limited wifi access. I would recommend this couple to anyone who wants a stress-free get away, knowing that their pet is being cared for, just like being home.


    Amy P.

    Slate had a great experience with Michele! She sent pictures and updates of Slate's play day with the other pups. Even though it was Slate's first day, they treated him like their own and they even took him for a walk around the neighborhood! If you're looking for daycare or boarding in the southaven or olive branch area, this is a great location and Michele is awesome. Paws up!!


    Paris & Deb M.

    November 5, 2015


    Lilly was very happy at Michele's. We receive updates on Lilly and pics every morning. We highly recommend Michele and will definitely use her often.


    Mary W.

    Sebie loves playing with Sam & Gabe at Michele's house.


    Melisa S.

    I can't say enough positive comments about Michele (and team).
    Thank you again for being animal lovers and allowing other pet owners to leave their babies with you without worrying.

    We will definitely book with Michele again!


    Amy B.

    Our furry kids had a great time with Michele. She sent us pictures & updates everyday and seemed very happy. Great yard to play in and they were well cared for. Will definitely book with Michele again.


    Cindy G.

    Michele is fabulous! She truly was an Angel taking care of our two little girls. I would highly recommend Michele because your babies are in excellent hands. We can't thank her enough. We will definitely be calling Michele again for our precious little ones. Thank you! xxx


    Mary W.

    Great experience!


    Gina M.

    Michele and Chris were great to Gracie. Gracie was not familiar with staying away from home and being with other dogs but she was treated with love and affection. I will definitely use and recommend Michele to anyone. What a relief to find somewhere for my girl that I don't have to worry about how she is treated. Lots of playtime and hugs and kisses.


    Jalisha C.

    Michele was great as always! I never worry about Jenny when she's with them.


    Jan S.

    Michelle was great and the daily updates were spot on. The "kids" seem to have agreat time. Will definitely ise Michelle again.


    Melissa M.

    Great experience!! Our dogs loved their stay with Michele. She walked them every day, and gave them much love and attention. She sent a email update everyday along with pictures. We could see that our babies were in the best care and were having a terrific time. We have already booked a second stay for our pups. We would highly recommend her.


    Mary W.

    Michelle provided daily email updates with pictures! My 6 month old puppy enjoyed playing with Michelle's dogs.


    Mary W.

    Michelle took great care of my 6 month old puppy. She provided email updates with pictures daily, which put my mind at ease!


    Melisa S.

    Worry-free vacation with the girls staying with Michele and family!!! Michele ensures my girls are treated as one of the family. The daily updates are very detailed and I enjoy hearing how well this visit is going. We will definitely continue to use Michele in the future.


    Chris C.

    Michele has been a great host to our dogs many times. We will continue using her for all our dogs vacation needs. Expect great daily updates including pictures of your dogs stay. She really treats your dog like one of her own!!


    Frank & Anne A.

    Michelle provides a secure, loving home enviroment along with daily emails with pictures that ensures you peace of mind during your pet's stay! Beware, they may come back all the more spoiled from the individualized attention and loving! :)


    Chris C.

    Our dogs had a great stay at Michele's they came home happy and tuckered out from all the playtime there. The daily updates and pictures were an added bonus! Highly recommended!!!


    Frank & Anne A.

    We plan to have Michele as our long term caretaker of Gizmo when we are out of town! We loved the emails with photos describing his day with other dogs, the attention to detail such as one on one introductories to the doggie group when he first arrives, the activites such as walks and freedom to roam the house and secured yard!


    Christina K.

    It doesn't get much better then this. Michele is loving and caring and so nice. My Ferris loves going here. We were lucky to find such a cozy place. Michele sends an email update every day with pictures and it's so comforting. She gives us the peace of mind knowing that our fur baby is safe and sound and having fun whenever we need to travel.


    Melissa S.

    Michele is absolutely AWESOME! She will send daily updates that talk about what they have done for the day or plan on doing. She would also include pictures with every email. It's such a huge relief and comfort getting to see my baby every day.

    We will definitely be using Michele and Chris again next time we need her. She is so sweet and caring and goes above and beyond what she has to.


    Todd S.

    Everything went smoothly with drop off and pick up. Michele has a great yard for the dogs to play in and I am sure Smokey had a great vacay. Overall a positive experience leaving my dog with Michele.


    Chris C.

    My 2 pups recently had the opportunity of staying with Michele. Both thoroughly enjoyed their stay and I enjoyed the daily updates and pictures that were sent detailing their stay. I would highly recommend Michele's doggy daycare she truly cares about your dog and takes great care of him. Mine both are looking forward to another visit!!


    Cindy T.

    Very professional. Sends an e-mail update daily with pictures. My babies come home happy.


    Pam C.

    It was another great stay with Michele and her family.

    My pups are always excited when they get there and happy when they come home.

    Michele is wonderful with them and loves and cares for them.

    I am so happy to have found Michele.I looked for a year and nothing was the right situation, until I found her.

    The pictures and updates are great and make missing the pups a lot easier.

    I would not leave my pups with out knowing they are well taken care of and Michele certainly is the best.


    Susan S.

    We have boarded our dog before and he did not do well. We we thrilled with the care he got. We got an email and pictures daily. Rusty loved his host family and don't want to go anywhere else. Thank you so much!!!


    Cindy T.

    My babies had a great time. They were excited when we arrived to leave them with Michele, she made them feel right at home. Michele kept me updated daily by email and also pictures of my babies , this kept me at ease . Will definitely use her again in future.


    Diosan P.

    Whisper had a blast like he always does. He always enjoys staying with them.


    Jalisha C.

    I felt very comfortable leaving Jenny with Michele. I am sure Jenny had a great time with Michele's other dogs. The updates and pictures made me feel good knowing Jenny was happy.


    Pam C.

    Another fun experience for the pups.

    Michele is so caring and loving, the pups just love her.

    The updates are the greatest.

    We will be returning soon.


    Melisa S.

    Another great experience!! Dakota and Molly were treated as part of the family. Michele (and team) are so caring to my puppies.
    Looking forward to knowing that Michele will be caring for my girls in the future.

    Thanks again Michele and Chris!!! You guys are awesome !!!!

    Dakota and Molly wanted me to tell you thank you and they will see you soon.


    Pam C.

    Another awesome trip for Talia and Quinnlan!

    We are so happy to have found Michele after a year of looking at many places.

    The pups are always excited to visit and the updates are so helpful.

    Thanks again Michele!!!


    Melisa S.

    5 stars!!!
    Michele and team always care for my girls like they are part of their family. Great family to care for my four legged children when I'm out of town.

    Thank you so much !!!
    See you soon.


    Jason M.

    Michele and her husband are absolutely awesome! My dogs loved staying with them and playing with their pups! Michele also gave morning and evening updates complete with pictures of the dogs enjoying themselves. I would highly rate her to anyone in the area, and we will definitely be using her again! Thanks so much!


    Diosan P.

    I have left whisper in Michele's care quite a few times already that they're more like family to whisper now. They always take such a good loving care of our Whisper!


    Melisa S.

    Dakota enjoyed seeing Michele and Chris again. It's great to know that our girls are well taking care of with Michele and Chris.

    Thank you again !! See you soon.


    Sandi W.

    Can't thank Michele enough for taking care of my Wire Fox Terrier, Lily. I was looking for a special person that would make her feel at home and not in a kennel. I wanted Lily to socialize with other dogs and be happy.
    So happy I found a caring and safe place for Lily to play and stay.


    Linda T.



    Melisa S.

    Another wonderful experience. Michele and Chris treat my girls as part of their family. Thank you very much !!! We will definitely visit again.


    Pam C.

    Another successful trip. The pups were happy and the pictures and updates were great!


    Cindy H.

    Michelle is always good with Jack and I love the updates. She has even helped me out in a bind.


    Eric S.

    Michele and her husband took great care of Bear, on a last minute reservation, for almost a week. They were very accommodating to our early return and pickup. Michele sent us pictures and updates every day, twice a day, and made us feel so much more comfortable while we were away. Best vacation for both us and our puppy!


    Cindy H.

    Michele did a great job with Jack. It was our first time leaving our puppy since we got him and Michele kept him safe and sound. The updates in the morning and in the evening, allowed me to enjoy my weekend with my family 1000 miles away.


    Pam C.

    This was my pups second visit with Michelle, and it was a wonderful , fun filled time.

    Michelle and her husband Chris truly love these pups and take excellent care of them.

    We are returning for another visit in a few weeks.

    Iam very careful about my pups and feel very confident that Michelle is caring and loving.


    Diosan P.

    This is the second time that we have left our Whisper in their care and he had a blast! I just love Puppy Palace! Michele takes care of my baby like he was their own. Thanks again Michele. Whisper will be back for sure.


    Rick E.

    Michele did a great job with our crazy little puppy!!! Our little monster is pretty big for 7 months and has a ton of energy so I was worried she may be too much to handle. Michele sent us 2 updates every day along with photos. I would definitely recommend her for taking care of your puppy!! She made our vacation very enjoyable because we didn't have to worry about our baby!!
    -Rick E.


    Melisa S.

    Knowing that Dakota was staying with Michele and her family allowed our vacation to be worry free. Michele always makes Dakota feel at home and one of the family. Thank you again.


    Diosan P.

    Our baby whisper really enjoyed his stay with Michele. I am very thankful we found Michele. Now, we won't have to worry about our baby when we go out of town and cannot take him with us. We know he will be well take cared of. Thanks again Michele.


    Melisa S.

    Thank you again Michele and family for taking such good care of Dakota and making her feel at home and part of the family. See you in July.


    Melisa S.

    Another GREAT experience ! Michele and family always make Dakota feel at home. I'm very thankful for them. Dakota is already scheduled to visit again next week. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Michele and team.


    Melisa S.

    Great experience! After meeting Michele, I knew she loved animals and that Dakota would be well-cared for while I was out of town. The daily updates allowed our trip to be worry free just knowing Dakota was being treated like one of the family. We will definitely be back soon. Thank you Michele (and family).


    Pam C.

    Michele was wonderful. My pups were very well cared for, and adjusted to being away from home with no problem.
    After a year of searching for the right situation for my pups, I am so happy to have found Michele.
    The pups came home happy ,clean and well cared for.
    We will be visiting again with Michele and her two adorable pups.























    Strategies to make your older pup as happy and comfortable as possible

    In general, older pups have more trouble adjusting to new situations than younger pups.


    If your older pup is not used to boarding, it is best to book one or two short stays before you book a week or longer vacation! This gives your pup a chance to get to know us and become familiar with our home and yard. This is very important, because older pups can get disoriented and become anxious.

    Some older pups do adjust quickly, but it's best to err on the side of caution. Your older pup might not eat dry food as readily in a new situation as he / she does at home. If this is a problem, I recommend asking your vet for a bland diet canned food to be mixed with dry when boarding, at least for the first time.




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    We will follow the recommended COVID-19 protocol. We wear masks over nose and mouth and maintain social distancing. We are having meet-n-greets in the front garden, see photo opposite.